Thursday, August 7, 2008

Does who you choose to take your picture really matter?

So what makes "Elaine Begley Photography" a great choice?

The fact that she continually increases her knowledge about photography. The list of blogs of other photographers may seem odd to you...but all of us are members of an exclusive members only photography forum. We daily share our wisdom and creativity with each other. I'm sure you are familiar with the phrase "two heads are better than one". Well how about 20 or 30 heads. Imagine the ideas we can ALL come up with.

What about the endless ideas of poses and locations for YOUR session. The new techniques for "photoshoping" an image...the list of advantages to you as the client is endless.

During your planning session we will discuss how we can use new ideas to make sure your session is fun for you and your family.
Call for September availability NOW! It's almost sold out.
209-403-0932 Make sure you check out the splash page on my web site, and the on-line only specials in the ordering section of my web site.

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