Thursday, February 14, 2008

Charterhouse Top Chef event

My first post.....My thanks to: (Middle)
Chef Julio Camberos, Jr. his business is the Black Tie Gourmet
Chef Nicholas Sanchez, he is the Head Chef at Stockton Golf and Country Club(Left)
Jonathan Franco, he is the Head Chef at The River Mill(Right)

And a special shout out of thanks to Tammie Webb and Dani Jeitz for asking me to help out with the photography.
These three chef's will be competing "Top Chef TV" style in May. This event will benefit Charterhouse Center for Families.

Please contact Charterhouse for tickets at 476-1106

Charterhouse helps with the FirstFive program and gang tatoo removal programs. They also help clients sign up for Healthy Families, to get affordable health care.

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